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Jonathan is a seasoned technology thought leader with over 15 years of experience. Most recently Jonathan was Product Director for Nike Digital where he formed and delivered Nike’s consumer digital strategy for Identity and Access Management. His expertise is in the roll out of high performance platform systems in a Cloud infrastructure and the associated Digital Marketing processes enabled by an Agile technology infrastructure. This allowed every one of Nike’s millions of consumers access to a vast array of personalized digital sites and services. In addition, Jonathan has over 12 years of Professional Consulting experience at some of the top consulting firms, such as Deloitte and Hitachi, where he has consulted with Fortune 500 firms in industries ranging from Automotive to Aerospace and Defense. He has been active in helping the community, having served on the board for a Habitat for Humanity affiliate and performed pro bono work for other non profit organizations.

Intuit has been the big dog in accounting world for decades now with over 2 million users and over 50,000 certified ProAdvisors, it’s easy to see why. As a stater accounting package, QuickBooks can been seen as the practical choice providing basic functionality of an accounting management system.

As emerging companies look to replace QuickBooks, it’s highly likely they will end up considering Intacct vs NetSuite for their financial management needs. Both NetSuite and Intacct dominate the mid-market space of companies looking for a QuickBooks alternative. On the surface both Netsuite and Intacct may appear similar in terms of product positioning, features & benefits, […]

Did you know that over 400,000 shops and brands run on the Shopify platform? In 2016 alone, Shopify accounted for more than 100 million individual purchases! Extraordinary companies and brands like Tesla Motors and Red Bull to celebrity personalities such as Kylie Jenner are all on the Shopify Plus platform. Simply put, Shopify has become […]

The principle behind Agile is being adaptive to business needs by providing an iterative framework that allows for adapting to change. Change can be in either the business priority, change in schedules, change in team, or any other type of project change. So how do you go about delivering a cloud ERP implementation with Agile? First, […]

In 2010, the Philippines surpassed India as the largest business process outsourcing industry in the world. After growing 20 % in 2012, the BPO industry of the Philippines is estimated to gross revenue of upwards to US$25 billion by 2016. source – The Philippine Daily Inquirer