Why You Need a NetSuite Solutions Provider Partner for NetSuite Services

Last Modified: February 2nd, 2022

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NetSuite is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution which allows small businesses to integrate crucial business processes and information into one omnichannel platform. The wide feature set of Netsuite encompasses ERP, Accounting, Financials, Supply Chain, Warehouse management, people management and other important business functions

Why You Need NetSuite Solutions Providers

NetSuite is very broad and deep that small businesses can have a hard time dedicating the bandwidth and expertise to implement and support NetSuite at the early stages of go-live. Small businesses can also find it difficult to hire and maintain the necessary people to implement and support NetSuite on a full-time basis due to budget and staffing constraints. 

Advantages of NetSuite Solutions Provider

NetSuite Solutions Provider like Excelym provides a full spectrum of services that will help small businesses take full advantage of NetSuite. These services include NetSuite Consulting, Netsuite Implementation, NetSuite Customization, NetSuite Integration, Support, and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Small businesses that need NetSuite can take advantage of the expertise and experience that NetSuite Solutions Providers can provide.

NetSuite Services for Small Businesses

NetSuite Services provided by Solutions Provides allows small businesses to quickly implement and adapt to the NetSuite platform at more cost-effective rates.

1. NetSuite Advisory / NetSuite Consulting

NetSuite Advisory / NetSuite Consulting Services help businesses decide if NetSuite is best suited for their needs. Advisory/ Consulting Services will help businesses take full advantage of NetSuite and provide the best value for money through identifying the pain points of day-to-day business operations, unique business needs and requirements.

The Discovery process allows NetSuite Solutions Provider Partners like Excelym to determine the best solution to streamline existing business processes. Excelym’s Advisory and Consulting services also help businesses get the best NetSuite License and the right NetSuite modules for their business needs, and define a strategic roadmap and tactical action plan to achieve optimal results.

2. NetSuite Implementation

NetSuite Implementation requires businesses to invest time, effort and resources as well. It is a collaborative and engaging process that needs to be done right the first time. NetSuite Solutions Providers help reduce the risk of failed implementations that can be potentially costly in the short-term and long-term.     

Excelym has an Agile NetSuite Implementation strategy to help ensure implementation success.

3. NetSuite Customization

Take full advantage of NetSuite by ensuring that it is tailored-fit for your specific business needs and industrial specializations. Customize NetSuite to fit your unique business processes and workflows. Availing of NetSuite Customization services allows businesses to customize their end-to-end business processes and utilize unique workflows and processes to meet specific business requirements. 

NetSuite Solutions Providers like Excelym can ensure that your customizations can continue to run and be supported as NetSuite is upgraded.

4. NetSuite Integration

Businesses who need to use other leading business software like CRM, eCommerce platforms, 3PL/ logistics, banking, payment portals and more – can easily integrate NetSuite through Excelym’s NetSuite integration services. 

Excelym uses a proprietary NetSuite connector, Excelym.io. Excelym.IO is an iPaaS/Integration Platform as a Service solution built and delivered by Excelym. The platform supports a variety of integrations from eCommerce & 3PL platforms, to other market-leading applications such as SalesForce and ServiceNow. The solution is fault-tolerant, robust, and vetted from years of development and usage by our customers.

5. NetSuite Support

Small businesses who find it difficult and expensive to hire and run an in-house support team or a full time NetSuite Systems Adminsitrator, can opt for our NetSuite Support Services. Excelym offers two types of support models: One that is geared towards businesses who have recently implemented Netsuite and are in the process of stabilizing, and the second package is geared towards businesses who already have settled into the NetSuite environment and have “processes and systems stabilized.”

NetSuite Support Services include consultative support with experienced NetSuite business analysts to help resolve NetSuite related questions and issues. Businesses will also have access to advanced scripting services that allows them to create customized workflows, screens, forms, etc,  to fully take advantage of NetSuite’s capabilties.

6. NetSuite Administration/ Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourced NetSuite Administration services are ideal for businesses who do not have their own NetSuite administrator or have a smaller scope of work needed. NetSuite BPO services allow businesses to save on costs on hiring a full-time NetSuite administrator and instead have access to scalable services available on demand. 

NetSuite Administration services include the administration and management of NetSuite on day-to-day operations like User Role Administration, Reporting and Business Intelligence, Security Management, and NetSuite General Management.

The NetSuite Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Service provides businesses with a team of NetSuite Business Analysts and/or Process Owbers to help manage and conduct business processes like sales order management, billing, invoicing, collections, purchasing and payments management, and other accounting functions like periodic reports and month-end closing.

7. NetSuite Project Recovery and Rescue

A delayed NetSuite Implementation can be costly both short term and long term. Businesses who are stuck or are facing problems with their NetSuite Implementation or current NetSuite installation can opt for NetSuite Project Recovery and Rescue services to help them get back on track with NetSuite. 

This service includes NetSuite Project Recovery Assessment to determine the current state of the NetSuite implementation or installation. The second step is the actual NetSuite re-implementation/ recovery to help a business get back on track with their NetSuite implementation. The service also includes enhanced support and training to ensure the businesses are able to take full advantage of their NetSuite investment.

What are the Benefits of Using NetSuite Solutions Providers for NetSuite Services

NetSuite Solutions Providers like Excelym provide great value for your business by providing scalable solutions that will help you take full advantage of NetSuite.

1. Maximize the Value of NetSuite

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) like NetSuite is a considerable investment for businesses in terms of capital, time, and manpower. Netsuite Solutions Provider add value to NetSuite by providing services that add value to NetSuite like NetSuite Customization and NetSuite Integration.

2. Provide Valuable Expertise and Experience

Solutions providers like Excelym bring years of NetSuite experience to the table to help ensure a successful NetSuite implementation. Businesses can take advantage of the expertise of experienced NetSuite professionals to custom fit NetSuite and create custom workflows and solutions.

3. Minimized Costs

Excelym provides scalable solutions and flexible payment options so that small businesses can take advantage of premium NetSuite Services that best fit their budgets. 

Serge Ybanez

Serge is a Managing Partner and the head of sales and business development.

Published on: May 7, 2020