NetSuite QuickStart

NetSuite QuickStart Program


Who This Is For:

Excelym is an official NetSuite Solution Provider Partner.  As an alternative to our standard NetSuite Implementation package geared for mid-sized and larger organizations having more complex needs, Excelym offers a QuickStart program for smaller-sized customers with simpler needs and needing to expedite getting operational with NetSuite’s Unified Business Management System.

The QuickStart program is ideal for you IF:

  • Our business is small (typically less than 50 employees).

  • We are committed to getting NetSuite operational within a 90 day time frame. 

  • We do not require customizations or integrations for our initial phase.

  • Our business will provide internal dedicated staff to the effort.

  • Our business team will co-manage, plan, and resolve issues/risks related to the implementation.

  • We agree to own the deadlines and understand our responsibility and accountability for system requirements, project plans, and business resource availability.

How Do We Do It

Excelym is an experienced NetSuite implementer having brought 120+ customers, over a variety of sizes and industries, operational with the world’s first and only Unified Business Management System for the Mid Market space. No other partners nor NetSuite itself is offering a Quickstart of this nature and price point at this time. This is a unique service opportunity for “Committed” customers.

Our functional and technical experts will engage with you over a maximum 90 day period to get you operational and start reaping the benefits of NetSuite.

Expect the following:

  • The QuickStart Implementation Theme: You do it, we advise and guide you along the way. You do the heavy lifting.

  • You will be assigned an experienced Excelym Project Manager and Functional Consultant/ Business Analyst.

  • Our people will advise, consult, collaborate, and guide your implementation over the course of a maximum 90 day period.

  • This can be super fast, as fast as you can commit and dedicate time to work with us, 90 days is only the max time limit.

  • The Excelym team will ensure best practice for your “Out of the Box” implementation.

  • Risks will be managed, mitigated, and our team will work to ensure customer satisfaction along the way.

  • The Excelym team will produce a Business Requirements Document and Project Plan in conjunction with the client team.


More details…

  • QuickStart Fixed Fee, Fixed Bid
  • $15,000
  • For smaller-sized customers with simpler needs
  • Max 160 hours of Excelym time with a 90 Day Expiry
  • You do it, we guide you all the way. You do the heavy lifting.**
  • More time commitment from you vs. the Standard
  • Fixed Scope: Standard Modules only
  • No Customizations & Integration in scope
  • Standard Implementation Custom Fee, Fixed Bid
  • $55,000* & Up
  • For mid-sized & larger organizations with complex needs
  • 4 to 6+ months (custom timeline)
  • We do it for you, then train you. We do the heavy lifting.**
  • Less time commitment from you vs the QuickStart
  • Custom Scope: Standard & any Advanced Modules
  • Includes any Customizations & Integration in scope


* Historical Average, varies widely by project scope

** Heavy Lifting: includes most hands-on configuration/ set-up, data gathering, conversion and migration, etc.


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