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Integrate NetSuite with Salesforce, Shopify, ServiceNow, and other apps for as low as

Go Live with NetSuite in 6 weeks for only with purchase of NetSuite License

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Why do clients work with Us?

Excelym is dedicated to providing comprehensive NetSuite solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced consultants has over 50 years of combined expertise and industry knowledge. Whether you are looking to implement new features, optimize workflows, or streamline data management processes, we can help.

At Excelym, we understand that every business is unique, and we will take the time to learn about your specific needs and goals. This allows us to tailor our services to your specific requirements and provide you with the support you need to maximize the potential of your NetSuite platform. Just ask the companies below.

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Excelym is a preferred partner of Vista Equity Partners

Excelym works with the Vista Consulting Group to implement and service the NetSuite needs of Vista Private Equity's portfolio companies. Through this partnership with one of the premier and most successful global private equities, Excelym's depth and breadth of experience in the software, data and technology industries is significantly enriched. Let this knowledge base and know-how help you achieve utmost success.

NetSuite QuickStart: Accelerated
Guided Self-Implementation

The most cost-effective and efficient option for Small to Medium-Size Businesses or those with simpler requirements.
Grab our limited Q3.2022 offer:
  • Go live in 6 weeks
  • Payable in 6 months
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Why use NetSuite Quickstart?

Every NetSuite implementation requires configurations and optimizations essential to getting results as soon as possible - which means you'll need a dedicated resource like ours! We can help with our team of experts who have years in industry best practices ensuring success from start to finish so that when all's said and done there are no hiccups or hurdles left standing. Read more...

NetSuite Quickstart is ideal for

Small business with less than 50 employees and 10 users

Committed to getting NetSuite operational within a 90-day time frame

Do not require much customization or integrations for the initial go-live effort

Planning to implement NetSuite?


  • A full project team will manage and train and collaborate with you to ensure a successful go live via a full-service implementation including historical data migration.
  • Typically 3-6 months, depending on scope and complexity of business requirements.
  • Cost is variable depending on scope and duration of project.


  • Go Live with NetSuite in 6 weeks for only $6K payable in 6 months, with purchase of product license from us
  • Cost-effective and cost-efficient guided NetSuite self-implementation option for companies with a limited budget and simpler business requirements.

Already on NetSuite?

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We have industry-leading experts on the following:

NetSuite Implementation Recovery & Rescue

Customization & Integration- discounts on NetSuite to Salesforce, ServiceNow & Shopify integration.

NetSuite Support- highly flexible in 3 competitive support packages for newly vs. stable vs. mature NetSuite Users.

NetSuite BPO for functional and technical services, and more.

Some of the industries we support with NetSuite

The Most Cost-Effective & Highly Experienced NetSuite Support

Lean on our experts for NetSuite Support.

We take a more practical approach when supporting your NetSuite. We offer three different types of support packages:
  • “Hyper Care” - geared towards NetSuite that have just gone live;
  • “Steady State”- geared towards already stabilized NetSuite implementations; and
  • “Pay-as-you-Go”- our on-demand approach to supporting NetSuite and is usually selected by clients in more mature stages of their usage.
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Unlock Full NetSuite Potential

Integrate your NetSuite through our proprietary integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS)- Excelym.IO.

The platform supports a variety of integrations from Shopify/ eCommerce & XPO/ 3PL platforms, to other market-leading applications such as Salesforce and ServiceNow.

We’re so good at NetSuite integration that we made our own system integration platform/connector- Excelym.IO. Our product offer is also the market’s most cost-effective solution right now.

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