About Us

How we started

On January 2014, Excelym was founded by I.T. industry veterans coming from Oracle NetSuite and Deloitte Consulting. It set out to fully serve the NetSuite client base, offering services from A to Z, across a multitude of industries, regions and business challenges. The founding partners have a combined relevant work experience more than 70 years.

Since then, Excelym has grown to also offer its own iPaaS / Integration Platform/ Connector product. Leveraging its years of domain knowledge in doing a lot of integration projects across multiple business scenarios, Excelym.IO was born to offer a better, more scalable and flexible data integration solution that was most cost effective.

Most recently, ExcelymGO/ Global OutSourcing was launched to fully serve our client base throughout their journey as they scale and grow. By offering our customers BPO/ business process outsourcing services for such administrative and back office functions like accounting and monthly bookkeeping, among others, we let them focus on their core business processes.

Today, Excelym has offices and onshore resources in the USA, UK, and Australia. These offices and markets are complemented by offshore talent at Excelym’s sizeable IT Ops Center in the Philippines that operates mostly, but not exclusively, on USA Eastern Time. Excelym has perfected the art and science of an ONshore + OFFshore Delivery Model, translating to huge benefits, efficiencies and cost savings to our growing base of happy customers.

Excelym IT Ops Center in the Philippines

Where we operate

With management based in the United States and Australia, we operate an I.T. Operations Center in the Philippines. While marketing, sales, account management, business development and overall operations oversight are centered in the USA, bulk of the support and software development operations happen in the Philippines complemented by onshore USA consultants.

We believe that with a capable management model and an extremely efficient technology arm, businesses both small and large can benefit from our onshore-offshore model. By affording our offshore organization a stronger compensation and benefits package including the opportunity for equity, we are well positioned to best guarantee both greater employee and customer satisfaction.

Excelym IT Ops Center in the Philippines

Markets served

We mostly serve clients from the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, but also cater to other locations.

Our Engagement Model

Our engagement model is to directly partner with you, providing you the services, manpower and expertise to supplement existing capacity and enable you to better meet your organization’s and your customer’s expectations. For our systems integrator/ business technology consulting firm partners, we can collaborate with you as a “third-party” partner, or offer the “white labeling” of our services, with the appropriate NDA’s/ non-disclosure agreements in place.

In essence, we will be your “shadow” I.T. development staff, allowing you to focus on your core competency of business technology assessment, advisory, requirements structuring, solution design and delivery.

Core Technology Areas:

Cloud ERP Solutions​
Digital Marketing
Systems Integration
Custom App Development
Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Core Service Areas:

Advisory/ Assessment
Systems Implementation/
Migration/ Optimization
Systems Customization
Systems Integration
Custom Development
Managed Consulting and Support

About Us: Our Clients

Some of our Key Clients

Below are just some of our extremely happy customers.

About Us: Operations Model

The "Old Model"

• Distorted Solution

A typical offshore interaction looks something like this. You have a quick requirements discussion with the offshore vendor. There is usually a lot of silence on the end of the line. You ask if they understood and have a plan to get after the challenge. Usually the on shore sales person or intermediary answers in the affirmative. There is radio silence for a few days. Finally someone delivers something. Somehow they produced “something” that sorta looks like what you wanted, but is completely unusable. Rinse and Repeat until you’ve built a sub standard product and completely lost the advantage of using the off shore model in the first place…. Cost Savings and Efficiency.

• The Turnover Problem

You hire an offshore firm to perform some augmentation or service. Your key people spend days and weeks essentially training the offshore team on how to understand your business and solve your problem. After much time spent building up the support and understanding, you finally see some success. Then surprise, the contact you were working with is no longer at the off shore firm. They now have a job in the US at another business for a much higher salary. Well… at least you trained them right?

The “Better Model”

Our key values are there to help drive a different/ better off-shore interaction and relationship.

• We build culture and community.

Excelym is a great place to work. We care for each other like we are family and in some cases are actually family. We are an equal opportunity employer and firmly believes in diversity and inclusion.

• Our team is our strength.

Our employees will be given a path to a better future. We will pay above market salaries, provide for profit-sharing and provide US style benefits. We will give our people a reason to stay and if they are looking for another opportunity or are wanting to relocate elsewhere, we will help. This openness will allow us success in managing our services and products, giving foresight into turnover, allow for continuity for our customers. We live and breathe a vision of shared success and prosperity with our employees as well as our customers. We jointly define a career and life roadmap with each of our employees, ensuring a win-win outcome for both parties.

• We share in our customer’s vision.

Excelym is more than a technology partner. Our leadership will help share in the strategy, offer insight from years of consulting, and help drive your vision in our partnership. The only way to do great work, is to be passionate and to believe. We purposefully organized a US entity to provide a responsible, local, and accountable party to work with. It will not feel like you are working across a vast sea and you will have a partner you can trust.

• We share in our customer’s success.

Your success will be our success both monetarily and emotionally. We will be proud together. We will grow together.

There is a better model that does not feel so distant. It can encourage opportunity and strengthen ties. Our leadership is dedicated to the constant improvement and operational excellence in our offshore model.

Excelym IT Ops Center in the Philippines

About Us: Meet the Team

Excelym Managing Partner, Serge Ybanez, at the 2015 Annual NetSuite Cloud ERP Conference “SuiteWorld”. May 8, 2015. San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California. #NSW15. Featured for his thoughts on the future of Cloud ERP/ Financial systems.

SuiteWorld is Oracle NetSuite’s annual conference for the NetSuite community to gather together & learn how to unlock the power of the Suite. Attendees from all parts of the world gather to hear inspirational success stories from companies just like theirs and get equipped with strategies to deal with industry-specific challenges. One also gets the opportunity to network with more than 7,250 business leaders and explore an ecosystem of more than 125 NetSuite partners.

Founded in San Francisco at the start of 2014, meet some of our team members who are excited to collaborate with you for utmost success.



Serge Ybanez

Managing Partner
( Sales and Business Development )

Leader in ERP and Systems Integration alternatives. Thought leader and driver for business operations optimization.


Abigail Evans

Sr. Consultant
( Professional Services )

Expert in the Oracle Financials ecosystem - both Functional AND Technical. Two decades of delivering Oracle services for companies such as Deloitte Consulting.


Scott Herckis

Chief Financial Officer
( Finance and Accounting )

Delivers the best financial counsel, and effectively communicates such to Management and the rest of the Organization.



Kate Arbois

Managing Partner
( Professional Services )

Leader in Anything and Everything ORACLE NetSuite. A Respected Expert in the intricacies and power of the NetSuite platform. Also a Champion for helping clients win at OutSourcing.


Theresa Bautista

( Professional Services )

Expert in ERP/ Oracle NetSuite implementations, enabling customer success throughout their ERP adoption journey.



Tim Darch

( Sales and Business Development )

Leader in helping world class SMB's drive differentiation through Data-Driven Decisions and Digital Marketing.



Althea Castillo

( Sales and Business Development )

Leader in business transformation, solution delivery and systems implementation, with more than 20 years experience.


Beverley Lewis

( Sales )

I.T. Marketing & Sales expert. Backed up by almost three decades in the Industry.



Diody Tinapay

Managing Partner
( Technical Services )

Leader and Expert in Technical Implementations, Systems Integration, Custom Software Development and Dev Ops.


Merlo Erediano

( Professional Services )

Accomplished Program and Project Management Professional who's ITIL v3 certified (IT Service Management).


Ferdinand Rago

( Quality Assurance )

Leader in software quality assurance, software, performance, and the overall release management process.


Arthur Avacena

( Finance and Accounting )

Accounting and Payroll Guru for Team Excelym.

Excelym IT Ops Center in the Philippines


Excelym is more than a technology partner. Our leadership will help share in the strategy, offer insight from years of consulting, and help drive your vision in our partnership


Work with us!

Current Openings:

February 12, 2021

HR Manager (Philippines)

Business Analyst (Philippines)

Software Developer (Philippines)

This position is responsible in the execution of client processes on client specific tools and systems. S/He helps in managing master data, including creation, updates, deletion, commissioning and decommissioning of data sets, processing of confidential data and information based on standard guidelines and workflow. S/He provides quality assurance of imported data; helps develop reports and analysis. S/He creates and designs reporting environment including data sources, data security and metadata. Also, s/he s/he collaborates with Business Analyst and Quality Analyst in the providing client support.

Duties & Responsibilities:
    • Executes specific tasks and functions on client specific tools and system as defined by Business Analysts or client representatives;
    • Manages master data, including creation, updates, and deletion.
    • Manages users and user roles.
    • Prepares and develops reports.
    • Creates and designs working environment including data sources, data security and metadata.
    • Provides quality assurance of imported data; works with Quality Assurance Analyst and Business Analyst in ensuring quality and accuracy of data.
    • Processes confidential data and information according to defined guidelines and workflow;
    1. IT graduates are preferred.
    2. Fresh graduates are welcome to apply.
    3. Knowledge in MS Excel formulas preferably.
    4. Strong Communication Skills.
    5. Must be willing to work night shifts (11 PM to 8AM shift);

Implementation Specialist performs installation and configuration of new systems to customize them for the organization as directed by Business Analysts. S/He conducts testing to ensure that the systems work as expected. Also, s/he trains the system’s end users and writes instruction manuals that serve as user guide. S/He collaborates with Business Analysts and clients/client representative to identify and resolve client concerns.

Duties & Responsibilities:
    • Configuring and customizing a system to match the specifications.
    • Follows established procedures to resolve client concerns and tickets;
    • Conducts client demo or training; provides initial support to answer specific questions regarding the setup and configuration.
    • Serves as a team member.
    • Collaborates with Business Analysts and Client Support and the clients or its representatives in order to provide effective technical solutions.
    • Executes test cases as necessary.
    • Escalates configuration or integration issues to Business Analysts or Senior Support Specialists when necessary;
    • Works with clients or its representative in resolving issues or tickets when necessary.
    • Investigate, resolve and escalate problems and develop recommendations for resolution.
    • Develop, write, and communicates business requirements and functional specifications for the implementation of business solutions.
    1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business, Information Systems, Management, Accounting, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent.
    2. At least two years professional experience as implementation specialist, business analyst, systems design or equivalent positions.
    3. Experience working with US, UK clientele on technical project implementations.
    4. Experience in implementing ERP and CRM systems (e.g. NetSuite, Odoo, Salesforce, Siebel) is preferable.
    5. Experience with SCRUM and Agile methodologies is a plus.
    6. Willing to work on shifting schedules.
    7. Has the ability to take initiative and be proactive.
    8. With strong verbal and written communication skills.
    9. Must be willing to work Night Shifts.
The CSR (Customer Service Representative) for Sales is responsible in generating leads obtained Marketing and Sales team; S/He makes outbound calls to these leads to sell IT service offerings of Excelym including product license, integrator, customization, consulting, business process, etc. S/He is responsible in explaining the product and service offering details to customers.  S/He handles customer concerns, questions and queries; delivers targets based on target metrics and TAT.
Duties & Responsibilities:
    • Responsible in collecting and generating leads from Marketing and Sales team members; 
    • Delivers outbound calls to prospected clients or leads in selling Excelym’s IT service offerings, bundles, systems integrator, consulting, etc.
    • Ensures that all required metrics are met within a given time frame; 
    • Explains service offering details and resolves customer queries in a timely manner;
    • Collaborates with team members in the achievement of departmental goals;
    • Escalates issues and concerns beyond his/her level of capabilities to his/her immediate superior;
    • Prepares reports and presentation regarding to target metric status on a given period.     
    1. A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science OR a graduate of any Business-related course;
    2. With at least 3-years’ experience in sales in a BPO setting; experience in lead generation or selling technical services, business process, software application, or the likes is preferred.
    3. Fundamental knowledge in leads generation.
    4. Must have a good command of the English language.
    5. Must have solid negotiation skills.
    6. Must be driven and passionate about selling products and services.
    7. Has the ability to manage issues and concerns of clients in the US or UK.
    8. Must be able to perform efficiently on a graveyard schedule.

The Content Writer is responsible in generating engaging, original content for Excelym’s website that will boost its marketing strategies and digital presence.  S/He will research topics and create thought provoking posts that appeals to target audience and/or prospected leads using various media digital platforms and the company website.  S/He will also elicit suggestions from teammates or fellow employees to contribute in technical or experiential topics. Leads or participates programs and initiatives that will encourage participation from team members.  

Duties & Responsibilities:
    • Creates, generates, researches original and engaging posts that supports Excelym’s marketing strategies and boosts its digital presence.
    • Regularly updates company website’s contents and articles to keep captured audience engaged.  
    • Writes, publishes, edits, and disseminates contents using various digital media platforms such as social media, emails and other communication media to promote write-up, posts, or blogs.
    • Leads, initiates, or collaborates with team members or other departments in creating programs that promotes participation from fellow employees to contribute write-up, blogs or articles in the company web site or social media platforms.
    • Maximizes traffic by utilizing SEO keywords.  Monitors traffic and responses in social media by using analytics or up-to-date applications and tools to capture that audience’s sentiments.   
    • Keeps oneself engaged with other experts, bloggers, influencers, and known writers to contribute in the company website or related posts.
    • Keeps oneself updated of the current trends and social media platforms and functionalities to continuously improve content writing skills and digital presence.
    1. A graduate of English or Communications related courses; Information Technology, Marketing, or related course.
    2. With at least 1-2 years’ experience as a blogger/content writer.
    3. With knowledge in SEO and traffic monitoring.
    4. Exceptional technical or creative writing skills and research.
    5. Must have a good command of the English language.
    6. Strong understanding of the industry trends and target audience’s behavior.
    7. Has ability to take initiative and be proactive.

We strive to be a great place to work and to do that, we offer the following benefits that go way beyond what our industry has to offer:

Competitive Base Salary, Bonus and Incentive Compensation (at least 10% more than the market average)

Medical, Vision and Dental Insurance

PTO/ Paid Time Off (Vacation, Medical Leave)

Company Paid Summer Outing

Annual Holiday Party

Paid Volunteer Time

Individual Training Budget

Gym/Health Club Subsidy

Mobile Phone Usage Subsidy

Home Internet Subsidy

Home Electric Usage Subsidy

If this all sounds exciting then please take a look at our current openings and APPLY NOW!

Please email your resumes and cover letters to career@excelym.com

Excelym, LLC is an Equal Opportunity employer, and has a strong commitment to the principle of diversity in all areas. In that spirit, we are particularly interested in receiving applications from a broad spectrum of qualified people who would assist us in demonstrating our essential values of leadership, diversity, engagement and sustainability.

We strive to create success for every employee by appreciating the uniqueness that each person brings to the workplace. Excelym strongly encourages applications from qualified women, minorities, veterans and individuals with disabilities. We are committed to diversity as a core value. We support equal access and welcome applications from individuals of all backgrounds, experiences, abilities, race, gender, ethnicities, sexual orientation and perspectives.

Excelym IT Ops Center in the Philippines