This maps the current and futures states of the organization to verify if NetSuite is really the offering that supports and addresses the gaps for the organization.This also answers –  What in our portfolio of services and solutions allow us to address your needs. During this service, discovery and value chain assessment sessions are performed to verify the correct path forward.

• Your pain points are discussed with our experienced NetSuite consultants who can help you across all product areas:

☑ Best Practices
☑ Process
☑ Fields and Forms
☑ Reports
☑ KPIs and Dashboards
☑ Saved Searches
☑ Workflows and Approvals
☑ Customizations
☑ Integrations

• Our NetSuite consulting services are backed by experiences in varied industries of different business challenges so you can get an accurate implementation of your NetSuite.

• We help you manage NetSuite releases to ensure that your configuration and enhancements are properly attuned.

Our NetSuite Consulting Services goal is to ensure you are readily scalable and you are getting the returns of your NetSuite investment.