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NetSuite Self Implementation (Guided – Program)


Who This Is For:

Excelym is an official NetSuite Solution Provider Partner.  As an alternative to our standard NetSuite Implementation methodology geared towards mid-sized organizations with more complex needs, Excelym offers a guided NetSuite Self Implementation program for customers with simpler needs and limited budget.

The guided NetSuite Self Implementation program is ideal for:

  • Small business with less than 50 employees and 10 users
  • Committed to getting NetSuite operational within a 90 day time frame.
  • Do not require customizations or integrations for the initial go-live effort.

How Do We Do It

Excelym is a leading NetSuite implementer having brought 120+ customers, over a variety of sizes and industries, live on NetSuite.

No other partners nor NetSuite itself is offering an implementation program of this nature and price point at this time. This is a unique service opportunity for “Committed” customers.

Our functional and technical experts will engage with you over a maximum 90 day period to get you operational and start reaping the benefits of NetSuite.

Expect the following:

  • The NetSuite Self Implementation program means, we advise and guide you along the way. You do the heavy lifting but your not in it alone.
  • You will be assigned an experienced Excelym Project Manager and Functional Consultant/ Business Analyst.
  • Our people will advise, consult, collaborate, and guide your implementation over the course of a maximum 90 day period.
  • Risks will be managed, mitigated, and our team will work to ensure customer satisfaction along the way.
  • The Excelym team will produce a Business Requirements Document and Project Plan in conjunction with the client team.

More details…

QuickStartFixed Fee, Fixed Bid
  • For smaller-sized customers with simpler needs
  • Max 160 hours of Excelym time with a 90 Day Expiry
  • You do it, we guide you all the way. You do the heavy lifting.**
  • More time commitment from you vs. the Standard
  • Fixed Scope: Standard Modules only
  • No Customizations & Integration in scope
Standard ImplementationCustom Fee, Fixed Bid
$55,000* & Up
  • For mid-sized & larger organizations with complex needs
  • 4 to 6+ months (custom timeline)
  • We do it for you, then train you. We do the heavy lifting.**
  • Less time commitment from you vs the QuickStart
  • Custom Scope: Standard & any Advanced Modules
  • Includes any Customizations & Integration in scope

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