Service Offering for Failed Implementations and Data Migrations

Excelym provides Rapid NetSuite Project Recovery and Rescue  that includes Rapid Assessment, Health Check, Back-up, Advisory, and Project Rescue Services, with special emphasis on data quality and accuracy.

Unfortunately, not all NetSuite Implementations go as planned because of unforeseen circumstances, changes in project scope, specific requirements or even mismanagement of the project. Problems with NetSuite implementations can have long term negative effects and can potentially disrupt day-to-day operations of the business.

The Excelym NetSuite Rapid NetSuite Project Recovery and Rescue helps businesses and companies get back on track through implementation  and reimplmentation/optimization best practices and experience.

This service can also be used to complement and further extend one’s SuiteSuccess engagement. NetSuite is extremely broad and deep, and cookie-cutter and templated implementations rarely produce optimal results.

NetSuite Project Recovery Assessment

Excelym’s NetSuite Project Recovery Assessment starts the NetSuite Recovery Process by engaging with key stakeholders with the company and identify risk factors and develop solutions to help tackle challenges through industry best practices.

NetSuite Rescue: Implementation Recovery

This phase is the actual Implementation Recovery. Problems and Issues identified in the Project Recovery Assessment will tackled in this phase and the solutions are implemented to ensure that the NetSuite implementation stays on track according the best practices.

Enhanced Support and Training

Excelym’s involvement in NetSuite Rescue does not end in the Recovery Project but will still continue through the Enhanced Support and Training Phase. Our goal is to ensure that your business is able to take advantage of NetSuite to the fullest.

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