Excelym is a NetSuite Solution Provider Partner Our teams are specialized and skilled in leading cloud products and implementation of NetSuite Services to a broad base of SMB customers across many industries.

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NetSuite Service Continuum

As the user flows through these service offerings, cost of service reduces as business maturity increases. Our service offerings are geared towards this customer progression.






NetSuite Advisory

Mapping the current and futures states for the organization to verify if NetSuite is really the offering that supports and addresses the gaps for the organization. What in our portfolio of services and solutions allow us to address the customer needs. During this service, discovery and value chain assessment sessions are performed to verify the correct path forward.

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NetSuite Implementation

The customer in this step is implementing a new system as either an upgrade from a non scalable solution or a replacement from another system. This effort is usually more intense for a customer 4-6 months and more requires a higher degree of service.

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NetSuite Customization & Integration

The customer in this phase starts to elaborate the NetSuite system to take care of specific business processes and needs. During this phase the business will integrate the solution to other systems and solutions, build custom workflows / forms, dashboards, and enable core business processes that were not possible before NetSuite.

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NetSuite Support

As the organization matures the customer will utilize support to resolve system issues, answer questions, and support the business as it learns the new system and adapts to the new found productivity. This also allows customer access to fixed bid projects to improve processes and technology.

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NetSuite BPO or Retainer

As the customer matures, they no longer require deep support in the system. The business has adapted and is now competent with the unified business platform. At this point Excelym offers personnel to handle NetSuite administration, accounting, order fulfillment, support and other business process needs.

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NetSuite Licensing & Implementation

Oracle NetSuite ERP is a specialty of our team. We are empowered to seek the best licensing deal on your behalf. With over 35+ years collective experience in NetSuite and over 150 implementations under our belt, we are capable, we are competent, we are committed to your success.

NetSuite Integration

Excelym is an experienced integrator. Our team has integrated NetSuite to many external systems including Magento, Shopify, SalesForce, XPO 3PL, Bergen 3PL, Integracore 3PL, and many other Systems. Count on reliable, robust, and optimized integration from Excelym with no hidden costs. 

NetSuite Support

Our support is priced competitively and is a suitable replacement for companies needing a cost effective service for less than the cost of a full time hire.

NetSuite Customization

NetSuite has incredible coverage of your business requirements out of the box. However, for those businesses that have specific needs, Excelym provides customization in NetSuite's framework for Suite Scripting, Bolt On Applications, or Custom Bundle creation on platform.

NetSuite Reporting

Excelym will implement KPIs, Financial, Budgeting, and Planning reports in several tool sets. We have experience implementing Oracle PBCS (Planning Budgeting Cloud Service), AWS Redshift via Data Pipeline, and Tableau to name a few services we bring to the table.


Excelym is skilled implementing Magento, Shopify and Shopify Plus for our customers to bring their products and services online and in an integrated fashion. Inquire about our extensive experience in eCommerce and 3PL integration. Our team can get your products online, integrated to ERP, and out the door to your customer.


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A little about us

Excelym was founded in 2014 to provide stronger client engagement and better results with a highly experienced leadership team coupled with an onshore-offshore model. With management based in the U.S. for overall operations, we are able to provide technology services at high quality and great value out of our Philippine Technology Center. Our leadership includes a former Director of Product Management from Nike, former top NetSuite Professional Services Consultants, and former Deloitte Consulting US Managers.


Our vision

We provide innovative and premium technology services to companies of all sizes. We shape our solutions through rigorous creativity, critical inquiry, and ethics informed by respect for our team, our customers, and the world we shape through our efforts. Via proving our value, we become a trusted partner to our customers and provide strong, predictable, and cost effective solutions and services. At the core of all our offerings is a foundation of security, performance, reliability, cost optimization, and operational excellence. These are the values that drive our business and differentiate us from our competition.

A Better Model

Based out of Portland, San Francisco, and Cebu City, The Philippines. We serve clients globally. We blend extremely strong offshore and onshore tech leadership and talent.

Our Commitment To You

We believe in our services, our partnership, our commitment to quality. Whether you are an emerging business, established, small or large, we will be your partner.

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