AvaTax for Tax Compliance Management

The most trusted tax calculation and compliance solution

AvaTax is a cloud-based, tax calculation and compliance solution that helps businesses of all sizes manage their taxes. It offers a suite of services that includes automatic calculation and filing of state and local sales and use-taxes, real-time exemption certificate management, penalty and interest calculations, multi-state tax rates, and forms, accessible via mobile applications.

AvaTax is designed for businesses with varied needs through the ability to manage multiple locations or operating units under one account. This service also integrates with the most popular accounting and ERP systems like Oracle NetSuite.

Automatically calculate rates for the following tax types:

    • Beverage Alcohol tax
    • Communications tax
    • Consumer use tax
    • Customs and duties calculation
    • Excise tax
    • Goods and services tax (GST)
    • Lodging tax
    • Sales and use tax
    • Value-added tax (VAT)

Returns & Exemption Certificate Management

Let Avalara handle your sales tax preparation, filing, remittance, and notice management plus other advanced features like tax filing for local, state as well as Canada.

You can also automate the validation, storage, and management of your customers’ tax exemption certificates. Easily identify which certificates are still valid and expired, and reprint certificates when needed. Each exempt transaction is linked to a specific certificate, lowering audit risk.

AvaTax offers the VAT Calculation Advantage

Manage compliance for your EU trading partners, as well as the UK through VAT compliance.

Integrate seamlessly with best-in-class business systems

Integrate AvaTax with industry-leading accounting and ERP systems like Oracle, NetSuite, Dynamics GP, and more. It allows for a standard calculation of sales tax rates in the Order-to-Invoice process.

General compatibility with popular marketplace platforms

Over a thousand integration partners

Seamless connection with accounting, CRM, POS, and shopping cart systems

Conveniently quick integration with ERP systems Increased efficiency and speed

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