A NetSuite implementation for assembly build used component yield settings to automatically calculate quantity allowances for expected loss of raw materials during processing. Because of this behavior, raw material taken out of stock ended up being different between system count and actual inventory. This national bakery would always take the ingredients out as per recipe and not adjust it because of shrinkage.

We know the Food and Beverage space well. If the business challenge above sounds like yours, we would love to collaborate with you on a successful path forward. For the issue faced above, we helped this client reconfigure Component Yield Computation for Assembly Builds and add the functionality for user input on Actual Expected Number of Output in Cases when creating a Work Order wherein the system will automatically provide a default for the actual Quantity of Cases to create a Work Order for. Our expertise in NetSuite Consulting will guarantee NetSuite Implementation Success.

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NetSuite’s functionality is also highly applicable to the the Food and Beverage Industries. Businesses in the sector can leverage NetSuite’s vital end-to-end business reporting like Inventory and Order Management, Ecommerce and streamlined automated financials.

NetSuite can greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of a business through automated business processes like real-time inventory and order reporting. NetSuite’s Optimized Supply Chain functionality allows businesses to monitor , plan and control products and stocks for a better control on business management.

NetSuite Benefits for the Food and Beverage Sector

1. Higher Efficiency with Optimized Supply Chain
2. Streamlined Sales Cycles
3. B2B business portal

NetSuite Functionality for the Food and Beverage Sector

    • Single CLoud Based Platform
    • Real-time data and asset management
    • Improved customer relations through a better customer experience.
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