Excelym is a full service NetSuite implementation provider.

Our background is in leading business organizations and adapting the IT landscape to keep pace with business scale and agility. This is why Excelym has partnered with the industry leader in Cloud ERP technology Oracle’s NetSuite.

The following characteristics of our organization allow us to achieve long last results for any company considering NetSuite

We are a NetSuite Solution Provider

Excelym is experienced, trained and certified in NetSuite

Affordable rates and costing with our blended model

Verifiable referrals from our many customers

What to expect from us in an engagement:

We produce starting day one. Our leadership and execution team will meet to understand the business need, drivers, and overall vision.

We will map the desired future state, understand and document cost implications, and overlay the gaps that need to be addressed along the way

We iterate. Our method is more agile than waterfall. This means we work in shorter increments of work to prove concepts faster, demonstrate results immediately, and partner with our customer to guide and shape the desired solution over the course of the effort

Our goal is to get you online, trained, staffed, and supported throughout the ERP launch. We are there for you at completion, and we support your for as long as you need.