EXEMPTAX: The Easy Way to Manage Your Customers’ Tax Exemptions in NetSuite

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Get the long hours of work done in minutes with EXEMPTAX; the simpler way to manage tax exemptions within NetSuite.

Reduce your audit risk, manage your resale and sales tax exemption certificates from collection to audit in minutes.

  • Seamless synchronization of data between NetSuite and Exemptax
  • Reduced data entry and improved
  • Automatic population of exemption data into NetSuite
  • Easy management of tax exemption data and audit readiness

Get Started with 4 Easy Steps:

  • Authorize EXEMPTAX in your NetSuite environment.
  • Identify, collect and validate tax exemption certificates in a comprehensive and easy-to-use exemption management platform.
  • Automatically update your customer’s tax exemption in NetSuite, including certificate status updates, and handling of missing, expiring, and expired documents.
  • Utilize EXEMPTAX with integrated sales tax engines in your NetSuite environment.

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