Leadership Team

Founder, Principal of Excelym. Leader in ERP and Open Source ERP alternatives. Thought leader and driver for business operations optimization.

Founder, Principal of Excelym. Leader in CRM and Consumer Profile Technology Strategy. Thought leader on the use of Customer data and privacy policy.

Founder, Principal of Excelym. Based in the Philippines. Leader and Expert in Technical Implementations and Development.

Founder, Principal of Excelym. Leader in Philippine Operations. An Expert in ERP and CRM business process and Strategy.

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    We have years of experience delivering tech for small business to Fortune 500 companies. We’re ex Deloitte, NetSuite, and Nike leaders.
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    Our business model facilitates growth, and we will scale to take on new opportunities with clientele. We scale our teams to meet customer needs in the United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific