Excelym NetSuite File Cabinet Solution

The NetSuite File Cabinet Limitation

Get unlimited storage for seamless data management for only $149 per NetSuite instance/account per month (prepaid annually), with a one-time implementation cost subject to a detailed scoping.

The NetSuite File Cabinet offers a storage capacity of 100 GB, a limit that can be quickly exceeded by most companies. When this occurs, users must pay an extra fee of at least $199 per month for each additional 10 GB of storage space required, OR be required to upgrade to their premium tier level and have 1,000 GB  of extra storage, but at an additional cost of $60K per year.

Excelym’s File Storage Solution overcomes this limitation. Our solutions allows you to strategically structure the files within the NetSuite File Cabinet module to make the most efficient and optimal use of its inherently limited space. The only additional cost on storage is your selected cloud storage provider when linked to NetSuite e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. 

Utilize your own current cloud storage provider, who are always just a fraction of the cost of NetSuite, instead of incurring additional costs with NetSuite for more storage capacity.

The Excelym File Cabinet Solution

Access and share contracts, email attachments, invoices, purchase orders, support cases, and other sales collateral conveniently within NetSuite Records. This streamlined approach is achieved by attaching the relevant record using a link that will be placed inside a size-optimized folder within the NetSuite Record.

Seamlessly leverage any of these industry-leading, more cost-effective cloud storage services:

  • Amazon S3
  • Google Drive
  • SFTP

The following cloud storage services will soon be supported:

  • Microsoft SharePoint / OneDrive
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Dropbox
  • Box.com
  • etc.

Expand Your NetSuite File Cabinet Storage Space

  • Cost-effective storage alternatives: Utilize affordable cloud storage solutions or take advantage of your existing cloud storage service provider.
  • Enhanced scalability: As your business grows, effortlessly scale your storage capacity by tapping into the virtually unlimited space provided by popular cloud services.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate with various cloud storage providers easily, without disrupting your existing workflows within NetSuite.
  • Universal file access: Derive the benefit of accessing NetSuite files across all integrated cloud platforms, fostering cross-team collaboration and productivity.
  • Improved data management: Manage your NetSuite data better by organizing your records in a more spacious and dynamic environment.
  • Streamlined audit trails: Maintain simple and comprehensive audit trails by using external storage while still keeping all references directly within NetSuite records.
  • Avoid additional NetSuite fees: Significantly lower or completely eliminate the monthly fees associated with exceeding the default storage limit in NetSuite.

Excelym’s NetSuite File Storage Solution: Unlimited Storage for Seamless Data Management

Excelym’s NetSuite File Storage Solution makes your NetSuite File Storage capacity essentially unlimited. This integration facilitates a superior level of NetSuite data management and accessibility. Forget about increasing your NetSuite storage capacity or switching cloud storage providers to accommodate limited space – our solution has got you covered.

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