NetSuite Business Analyst

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    NetSuite Business Analyst Job Description

    A NetSuite Business Analyst is responsible for understanding the needs of the client’s business and translating them into functional and technical specifications for the implementation team. They must be able to think strategically about how to improve business processes and recommend solutions that will increase efficiency and productivity.

    NetSuite Business Analyst Job Duties:

      • Understand the business needs of the client and translate them into functional and technical specifications for the implementation team.
        • Collaborate with affected business units to support existing functions and implement new system functions and reports.
        • Understand the overall situation and relationship between each requirements and other requirements in the whole plan.
        • Work on problems of different levels of complexity where data analysis requires a review of a lot of different factors.
      • Work with the development team to ensure that the solutions they build meet the business needs.
        • Work closely with the NetSuite ERP team to troubleshoot the system and diagnose functional issues discovered by the business user community.
        • Assist in the development and creation of new areas as well as with form and report creation and adjustment.
      • Conduct business process analysis and recommend improvements to increase efficiency and productivity.
        • Collect and understand business user requirements, define new features, and enhance and systemize troubleshooting functional specifications.
        • Create out-of-the-box resolutions on top of the platform to resolve issues and get tasks done efficiently.
        • Identify new opportunities and customizations for existing ERP applications and processes.
        • Manage delays and backlogs and prioritize critical requests by judging and deciding smartly based on the data and facts.
      • Assist in the testing of new features and functionality before they are released to users.
        • Perform various types of tests, such as unit, function, system, usability, end-to-end, user acceptance, and regression.
        • Create test plans for new deployments and feature updates
      • Provide training and support to users on how to use NetSuite effectively.
        • Train and support business users using the NetSuite ERP system throughout the organization.
        • Maintain documentation of key operating procedures, system enhancements, and revisions.
        • From time to time, will provide support to new team members. May also coordinate activities across members and be a representative in global meetings.

    Education and Experience:

      • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, computer science, engineering or a related field.
        • Fresh graduates must submit their True copy of grades or TOR
      • Experience working as a business analyst or in a related role.
      • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
      • Excellent English communication and interpersonal skills to an American audience.
      • Experience with NetSuite or another enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is preferred.
      • Experience in data design, data modeling, data mapping, data interrogation, data quality, and master data management is desired.
      • Able to work across US timezones.
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