Software Quality Assurance Engineer

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    QA Project Manager Job Description

    A software quality assurance project manager is responsible for ensuring that the software products released by their company are of the highest quality. They do this by developing and implementing a testing plan, identifying and fixing defects, and documenting the entire process.

    Managerial Responsibilities:

      • Provide quality assurance training
      • Oversee the department’s daily operation and other schedules
      • Conduct constructive and timely performance evaluations

    Job Duties/Responsibilities:

      • Develop, implement, and manage procedures to ensure that outputs are of high quality, work as intended, and are reliable before they are delivered.
      • Identify and establish suitable quality standards and parameters for items.
      • Communicate quality standards and parameters to the QA team, product development team, and other relevant personnel.
      • Coordinate and participate in product testing processes.
      • Identify and analyze problems, bugs, flaws, and other issues, and must be able to facilitate solution-finding should problems arise in multiple projects
      • Review client, customer, and user feedback 
      • Maintain legal compliance by adhering to federal, state, local, and corporate laws, rules, standards, and policies.
      • Perform other responsibilities as assigned

    Required Skills/Abilities:

      • Proficiency in the Agile development process
      • Knowledge of new tools for web/API testing (e.g. RESTful/SOAP APIs, Postman tools, etc.)
      • Experience in integration testing
      • Clear and demonstrable understanding of software testing life cycle
      • Excellent English communication and interpersonal skills to an American audience.
      • Able to work across US timezones.
      • Strong familiarity with project management and delivery.
      • Experience working concurrently on several projects, each with specific instructions that may differ from project to project.
      • Ability to multitask and prioritize work according to deadlines.

    Education and Experience:

      • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering, or field related to the products being developed required.
      • At least three years of relevant experience is required; supervisory experience is a plus.
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