Data Analytics

The Excelym Value:

Excelym’s skilled Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Architects are based out of our offices in Cebu, Philippines. We are prepared to offer you a very competitive quote with a premium level of service. Couple this with US based Big 5 management experience and you will get results. Don’t take our word for it. Let us prove our value proposition with an initial engagement. Aside from our experience in data integration and customization, our specialists are expert in: Tableau, Adaptive Planning, Reporting Services, Cognos

Data Analytics and Preparation:

How will I gather the data? It starts with Data Capture. This could be your transactional system for manufacturing. It could be your eCommerce platform capturing consumer orders. This process starts with the question of what data is actually needed to drive business decisioning. We’ll also need to determine the speed at which these decisions need to be made What is the criteria for strong Data Quality and Governance? Data needs to be captured, but more importantly, we need to capture data of high integrity and quality. “Garbage in, garbage out” as they say. We can help lay a strategy here. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve if you have well established systems with questionable quality, but it can be done and we’ve done it before.

Data Analysis and Cleansing:

Some customers have issues with the quality of their data. In these cases, Excelym offers advanced data analysis, standardization, matching, and cleansing services.

analysis approach

Data Integration:

Now that you have data coming in to your online transactional systems, how are you going to get the data where you need it to be in order to perform deep analytics and to not interrupt business operations? Map your transactional data to both Structured and Unstructured infrastructure. The truth is you need both. Don’t believe the hype in systems such promote completely unstructured data. If you pursue that path, the following components are needed:

1. The ability to parse through and search your data

2. The Analytical ability built into your business operations to perform advanced analytics

a. This is not simple to stand up or acquire for most businesses

3. Massive amounts of Cloud Storage

Your business will need some structured data in order to create dashboards and data visualizations. Take for example, the need to see quarterly sales by sales person in each of our sales territories. Most likely we will pull this data from your ERP or CRM software that is driving your sales organizations. This data will be integrated and prepped in a more structured format to drive the views needed to make quick and timely business decisions. Whether your data needs are in inventory, manufacturing, distribution, sales, or consumer knowledge, we have the skills to help you strategize, build, and execute your analytics capability.

Data Visualization:

tableau_img The beauty of a well designed and executed data strategy will be the presentation in a clear and visual manner to the target audience. It is about presenting complex problems and data in a simple way that allows your brain to see the data and quickly understand what it means. Before driving to this point. We first understand what KPIs are driving Business Value and how are they being utilized strategically. Surprisingly a lot of companies drive straight to reporting without understanding how the data supports the business strategy. Data visualization is not the end game, it is simply the beginning of using data to drive the business. Businesses will then advance to machine learning and automated data processes that do not need visualizations or reporting. The future of business personalization and consumer monetization will be driven from advanced processing, personalization ,and recommendation business logic in a data driven business. What does this strategy entail? Reach out to us and get started on mapping this journey.

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