NetSuite For Retail Businesses

We have deep experience in implementing NetSuite for retailers globally. Our current clients include Flywheel Sports (North America), Big Home Shop (United Kingdom), and Reebonz (Singapore). Our services range from full implementation for NetSuite retail to integration of various 3PL service providers, incorporating CC (credit card) payment processing, and sales tax compliance.  The NetSuite Ecommerce Integrations can help companies fully leverage the softwares functionality.

We enable the customer journey with our leadership expertise in retail including a former Nike Digital Product Director on the Excelym leadership team.  We know NetSuite for retail.  Our customers have relied on us to launch new products to market, merchandise existing product lines, enable an omni-channel customer journeys, and implement NetSuite retail to fulfill all their business needs. 

With a lean in-house team, limited budget, and robust project pipeline, Flywheel needed to scale quickly and cost effectively. Excelym answered the call. From operationalizing our CRM, to implementing NetSuite POS integration to providing staff aug on marquee projects, Excelym delivered at a high quality on-time and under budget. They have mastered the hybrid on/off shore model by providing accessible tech leadership in the US with a closely managed offshore team.

Michael Burlando
Chief Technology Officer
Flywheel Sports
New York, NY, USA

Bergen Logistics
XPO Logistics (formerly Conway)
XPO Last Mile
Visible Supply Chain Management (formerly IntegraCore)
Shopify Plus Ecommerce
Avalara Sales Tax Engine
CyberSource Online Payments Processing
Affirm Financing Payment Options
Affirm Financing Payment Options
Sailthru Marketing Automation
Sailthru Marketing Automation
Banking Integration for USA ACH, UK BACS, International Wires, Positive Pay, and Lockbox
AWS Redshift Reporting Analytics

Some of the Retail Integrations we’ve done

Excelym has successfully integrated the above listed platforms and definitely can do more!

For more information on our integration solutions, visit our EXCELYM.IO product.

Netsuite Benefits for the Retail Sector

    1. Have access to crucial data anywhere around the globe at any time of the day.
    2. Give customers a consistent and unified view of products regardless of medium or channel.
    3. Minimize shipping and handling cost of products with end-to-end solutions from warehouse to retailers.
    4. Get real-time insights of customers, inventory and sales.
    5. Increase productivity and growth with real-time product tracking.
    6. Promote Customer Loyalty by increasing engagement.

Netsuite Functionalities for the Retail Industry

    1. Integrated Point of Sale Systems
    2. Unified E-Commerce Hub and Portal
    3. Powerful CRM and Marketing tools
    4. Real-time end-to-end data monitoring and tracking
    5. Crucial Data for Financial Management and Supply Chain Management

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