We’ve helped clients in this industry automate in NetSuite the renewals and upsell process of their various software subscription products. We’ve helped them overcome the challenge of organizing a complex and chaotic customer hierarchy and database. We’ve worked with them to ensure overages and utilization on any and all subscriptions/ contracts are accurately monitored, and that actionable business intelligence and analytics can be leveraged.

We understand the nuances of navigating a NetSuite implementation and customization effort for this industry. Talk to our team members who’ve helped our clients write a happy ending to a successful story of their ERP/ financial systems journey.

“Excelym has been a great partner for us. They have been customer focused with prompt and skillful service. Thank you Excelym for your help in managing NetSuite for us!”

Andrew Grimes
Sr. Manager, IT/DevOps
Portland, OR, USA

NetSuite ERP’s versatile functionalities and scalability is now becoming an essential component for Businesses in the software and internet industries. The volatility of changing market trends is compensated by NetSuite’s adaptability to the ever changing conditions.

Businesses in the software and internet industries rely on NetSuite’s vital functions like real-time end-to-end business data to help companies make crucial decisions in the fast paced industry. NetSuite’s plethora of features also increases productivity by optimizing business processes at the same time minimizing errors.

NetSuite Benefits for the Software/ Internet Sector

    1. Increased Productivity through automated processes
    2. Reduces Errors through Consolidated files
    3. Increase ROI through faster transactions with streamlined billing

NetSuite Features for the Software/ Internet Sector

    1. Automated Order Management
    2. Streamlined Billing Process
    3. Accurate Reporting through Consolidated Financials
    4. SalesForce Integration