SharePoint Services and Support

Microsoft SharePoint Services and Support

Experience in SharePoint advisory, design, development, configuration, and administration. Excelym has a service for you to scale and grow your business in a predictable and performing manner. Our services are available Pay as you go, retained, or packaged so that you can choose  a service that fits the size and scale of your need. Our project delivery teams are available for more sizable project implementation work where we will tackle your challenge in an Agile manner, demonstrating results immediately, and building your confidence in our partnership.


• Advisory in Collaboration and Transition

• Farm Administration, PowerShell

• SharePoint installation in Amazon EC2

• SharePoint Design and Development

• SharePoint Workflow

• Site Theming and Styling

• Advanced 3rd Party integration

• Dashboard Creation

Case Study Example

When a client needed a stable and reliable partner to scale their SharePoint delivery to the entire organization of 3000 people, Excelym answered the call. Managed Services with dedicated resources were brought online to deliver Farm Administration, SharePoint Workflows, Site Redesign, and a host of other requests. Requests were managed via a centralized system and performance was enhanced. When a higher level of responsiveness was needed for more requests, Excelym provide an SharePoint developer and coordinator local to the client.