Do You Really Need a Consultant when Implementing NetSuite?

Last Modified: June 17th, 2021

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NetSuite ERP is one of the popular and widely used cloud business software’s available. Enterprise Resource Planning software is increasingly gaining an important role in business. NetSuite is one of the forefronts of ERP software because of its scalability and ability to streamline business processes like Financial Management, Production Management, Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

NetSuite ERP is continually gaining a key role in Financial Planning and Human Capital Management. The software automates the front and back office processes and provides management with real-time access to key data and performances indicators.

The powerful tool is favored by most because of its scalability and its cost-effective business automation processes that more and more small and medium sized businesses are adopting. Businesses have a number of options in purchasing and implementing a NetSuite License and each has its own advantages.

Does it Matter Where I Purchase my NetSuite License?

Businesses can purchase a NetSuite License directly from NetSuite or from NetSuite Solution Providers. NetSuite Solution Providers, also known as NetSuite Partners, provide their expertise in NetSuite ERP implementation and Integration.

After purchasing a NetSuite License a business has three implementation options and these are Self-Implementation, where businesses can use their own staff and resources, Direct NetSuite Implementation from NetSuite itself and the third option is through a NetSuite Partner.

The quality of service and support depends on whether they opt for Self-Implementation, Direct NetSuite Implementation or through a NetSuite Solutions provider. Businesses who opt for Self-Implementation might need to hire an additional NetSuite Consultant on a temporary capacity to help implement NetSuite and the quality of service provided might depend on the skill of the consultant. NetSuite Consultants are typically expensive and the long term need is not there.

Self-Implementation also brings with it a whole set of risk that might cost the company more in the long term. The potential errors that may occur during implementation or migration might outweigh the savings gained by opting out of the services provided by NetSuite or its Partners.

Direct NetSuite Implementation may seem straightforward upfront but NetSuite only helps businesses up to a specific point and the disadvantages of Direct Implementation will manifest itself through specific customizations and integration needs with NetSuite’s higher-end rates and the long response time-frames from NetSuite Support.

NetSuite Solution provider is the best choice for companies who cannot afford to maintain an I.T. professional to roll out and support NetSuite in a long-term basis. Having a NetSuite Solutions Provider as a Partner also allows businesses to plan cohesively with a dedicated NetSuite Implementation Consultant.

What are the Things to Think About during Implementation?

NetSuite can be applied in a wide range of businesses in different industries that is why NetSuite Implementation is not as easy as clicking a button to start. NetSuite Implementation has a long and in-depth process that requires businesses to plan out their goals, needs, and requirements. The wide range of applications of NetSuite make it difficult for companies to determine the scope of business processes that will be integrated by the ERP.

Companies should also consider if their existing staff can operate and manage NetSuite ERP. Most NetSuite Solutions provider include training existing staff as part of their implementation package. The training provided by solutions providers can greatly minimize the staff’s acclimatization process and reduce stress and frustrations within the business.

The planning stage can be confusing for companies and sometimes businesses do not know what they really need,  that is where NetSuite Solutions Provider like Excelym come in.

Excelym helps businesses plan and determine their business requirements to streamline NetSuite to meet their demands and existing processes using a proven NetSuite Implementation process and a competent team of NetSuite Implementation Consultants.

The Advantages of opting for NetSuite Solutions Providers.

NetSuite Solutions Providers like Excelym have a proven, refined and streamlined NetSuite Implementation process that helps business efficiently integrate their existing processes with NetSuite. Excelym’s highly skilled Netsuite Implementation Consultant can optimize NetSuite to fit specific requirements to help businesses leverage the full advantage of NetSuite ERP.

Excelym’s Key Process for NetSuite Implementation:

1. Business Process Analysis

Excelym’s NetSuite Implementation Consultants help businesses review their existing process and analyze key areas to help determine and understand the business’ requirements, goals, drivers and targets.

The first step of the Implementation Process is a detailed study to determine the best way of Implementation of the NetSuite ERP.

2. Business Process Mapping

NetSuite Implementation Consultants examine the current state of business processes and provide businesses with an overview of the potential changes when migrating to NetSuite. Business Mapping is essential to prevent any unwanted changes to existing processes and to further streamline any redundancy.

3. Functional Specification Preparation and Review

NetSuite is a powerful software that can help businesses automate beyond finance, The ERP software can function across HR, CRM, inventory, supply-chain management, marketing, manufacturing and e-commerce. The NetSuite Implementation Consultant helps companies determine the function that they will implement and the future functions that the business will eventually need as it grows.

4. System Configuration

The NetSuite Implementation Consultant configures the Basic Set-Up of NetSuite ERP.  Additional functionality and client-specific customization is then integrated to the software.

5. Data Migration

Data Migration is one of the pivotal process in NetSuite Implementation and getting things right in this stage is crucial to avoid errors like double data entry, erroneous data and loss data that may hinder the roll-out process. Having an Implementation Consultant onboard can help prevent errors, minimize downtime and accelerate the successful completion of the migration.

6. Custom Coding and Scripting


Excelym has a team of adept developers that specialize in tailoring NetSuite’s functionality to the business’ requirements. Their expertise include User-event scripts, Suitelets, Scheduled Scripts, Client Scripts, Portlet Scripts and workflow action scripts.

7. System Integration

Excelym provides businesses with custom seamless integration to other third party providers like shopify, magento , SalesForce and Concur. Excelym’s Implementation Consultants also help integrate third party apps like Avalara (for Sales Tax Calculation & Compliance) and Cybersource (Credit Card processor).

8. Training and Support

Implementation Consultants can help train new or existing staff to operate and maintain NetSuite.

Excelym’s highly detailed process ensures a seamless transition and integration to the NetSuite ERP environment. Excelym’s team of highly skilled Implementation Consultants are ready to help businesses in every step of the way from pre-implementation planning, to the NetSuite Implementation itself and post-implementation.

Excelym’s unique business model ensures that businesses enjoy premium reliable service in a very cost-effective package. NetSuite’s Service Continuum from Advisory, Implementation, Customization & Integration to post-implementation support ensures that businesses are totally covered with their needs and requirements.

Final Words

NetSuite Solutions Providers and their Implementation Consultants help businesses achieve success in their NetSuite implementation. Solutions providers like Excelym gives businesses the ability to custom tailor NetSuite according to their specific requirements and business type.

Excelym also provides companies with valuable expertise and insights that provide companies with cost savings solutions at the same time maximize NetSuite’s potential for the business. The collaboration from pre-planning to post-implementation helps foster a better relationship and greatly improves the level of support provided by Excelym.

NetSuite Solutions Provider might increase the cost upfront but their valuable knowledge and expertise far outweigh its initial cost in the long run.

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