Cloud Erp

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning):

A business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including: Marketing and Sales (CRM/ Customer Relationship Management), Product planning, Manufacturing or Service delivery, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Billing and Payments, HR, Accounting, etc.).

NetSuite, and OpenERP/Odoo:

A true business advisor should present options to help its clients be more agile, efficient, cost-effective and productive. Each client’s needs is always a unique challenge. As such, our services are catered around two distinct Cloud ERP solutions that vary with respect to functionality robustness and price points – from the market leader in paid SaaS ERP (NetSuite) to the Open Source and totally FREE Cloud ERP solution (OpenERP, now rebranded as Odoo).

As a Business, have you embraced the superior benefits of Cloud ERP Technology but need further help in customizing and/ or integrating your investment by a cost-effective and highly reliable team of experts?
Or has your business come to the end of the line with Sage, QuickBooks, MS Dynamics GP, MYOB, SAP or Oracle and you need to leverage the advancements in Cloud ERP Technology to unleash your business to the next level?

As a Systems Integrator, Business Technology Consulting Firm or Independent Consultant, do you want to focus on your customer-relationship-driven core competency of in-person and on-site systems implementation and consulting? Do you want to strategically concentrate on advisory & assessments, requirements gathering and validation, high-level design and overall coordination of testing and implementation? Do you want to enjoy the flexibility of being able to rapidly scale up and down seamlessly with respect to highly specialized technical resources? Do you want to leverage the cost-effectiveness of White-Labeled, Third-Party or Independent Consultant arrangements that ensures an army of skilled technical talent is readily available and trained up-to-date on the most recent technologies?

Excelym has the following Cloud ERP services offerings that can help you along the way

NetSuite, and OpenERP/ Odoo Services for END-CLIENTS:

○ Integration ServicesCustom Product/Module/ Add-on App Development

○ Specialized Customizations

○ Assessment/ Discovery

○ Guided Virtual NS Implementation/ Re-Implementation

○ Shared On-Site NS Implementation/ Re-Implementation

○ Consulting and System Support

○ OpenERP and Acumatica Cloud Hosting Support (e.g. host in AWS, Azure, etc.)


○ Custom Product/ Module/ Add-on App Development

○ NetSuite Product Referrals

○ White-labeled and/or Third-Party Dedicated Technical Staff

○ White-labeled and/or Third-Party Integration Services

○ White-labeled and/or Third-Party NS Customizations

○ White-labeled and/or Third-Party Consulting and System Support

○ White-labeled and/or Third-Party OpenERP or Acumatica Cloud Hosting Support (e.g. AWS, Azure, etc.)

Excelym has a unique win-win Approach to engage with you and ensure success

As each business presents its own unique set of challenges set against its unique operational business process, the way we price/ quote for any of our engagements is customized to ensure a win-win path forward for all parties involved. Though each project is its own unique endeavor, the following universal tenants will always hold:

• The initial effort and time expended to understand your challenges and issues and the high-level business requirements they present will never be billed at cost to you.

• The solution design options we present are vetted, tried and tested, and prototyped as necessary on our end to ensure that what we recommend is technically feasible, and that the labor hours and costs estimates we quote you is as reliable and accurate as it can be at the onset.

If any of these seem like what you need to take your business to the next level, we definitely look forward to hearing from you!

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