Do You Really Need a Consultant when Implementing NetSuite?

Last Modified: September 6th, 2023

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Do you really need a consultant to implement NetSuite? Maybe not,  but it can be the difference between success and failure. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why. 

NetSuite is favored by most because of its scalability and its cost-effective business automation processes that more and more small and medium-sized businesses are adopting. Businesses have several options in purchasing and implementing a NetSuite License and each has its own advantages.

Different options in purchasing and implementing NetSuite

  • Where to buy a NetSuite License?

Businesses can purchase a NetSuite License directly from NetSuite or from NetSuite Solution Providers. NetSuite Solution Providers, also known as NetSuite Partners or VARs (Value-Adding Resellers), provide their expertise in NetSuite ERP implementation and Integration.

  • Why does how you choose to implement your NetSuite matter?

After purchasing a NetSuite License, a business has three implementation options, and these are:

    1. Self-implementation, in which businesses use their own personnel and resources;
    2. NetSuite implementation directly from Oracle NetSuite; or
    3. Through a NetSuite Partner or NetSuite Solution Provider.

Businesses must be aware that the quality and level of service and support also varies with each option.

Businesses who opt for Self-Implementation might need to hire an additional NetSuite implementation consultant in a temporary capacity to help implement NetSuite and the quality of service provided might depend on the skill of the consultant. It also brings with it a whole set of risks that might cost the company more in the long term. The potential errors that may occur during implementation or migration might outweigh the savings gained by opting out of the services provided by NetSuite or its Partners.

    • NetSuite Direct Implementation is NetSuite-assisted and business owners can be paired with NetSuite employees or support staff. However, this does not always guarantee that the resource is well-experienced or even technically certified with NetSuite. But the more pressing factor really is cost. As with most cases, from our years of experience in the NetSuite practice,  businesses would just end up switching to a third-party implementation provider/NetSuite Implementation Consultant/NetSuite Partner for scalability.
    • NetSuite Partners, particularly NetSuite Solution Providers, have NetSuite Certified employees or NetSuite implementation consultants who have technical knowledge and experience with NetSuite software implementation. NetSuite Partners also provide an assurance that the NetSuite implementation is up to standards and compliant with NetSuite’s policies. A NetSuite partner has the incentive to consistently deliver well so as to keep its NetSuite partnership.

A NetSuite Solution Provider is the best choice for companies who cannot afford to maintain an I.T. professional to roll out and support NetSuite on a long-term basis. Having a NetSuite Solutions Provider as a Partner also allows businesses to plan cohesively with a dedicated NetSuite Implementation Consultant.

Important things to consider before implementing NetSuite

NetSuite can be applied to a wide range of businesses in different industries, which is why NetSuite implementation is not as easy as clicking a button to start. NetSuite Implementation is a long and in-depth process that requires businesses to plan out their goals, needs, and requirements. The wide range of applications of NetSuite makes it difficult for companies to determine the scope of business processes that will be integrated by the ERP.

    • Resource training

Companies should also consider if their existing staff can operate and manage NetSuite ERP. Most NetSuite Solutions providers include training existing staff as part of their implementation package. The training provided by solutions providers can greatly minimize the staff’s acclimatization process and reduce stress and frustrations within the business.

    • Cleanliness and readiness of data

Before beginning the implementation of a new data system, ensure the accuracy and cleanliness of your existing data. Map out what information needs to be shared and in what specific formats and syntaxes, in order for all departments or business segments to share their individual information without any delays between them during testing and go-live tasks.

    • Change management

A challenging process, and NetSuite is no exception. NetSuite, like all other enterprise systems, has a steep learning curve. NetSuite implementation consultants have undergone extensive training in order to understand the nuances of NetSuite’s functionality; this depth of knowledge makes implementing NetSuite solutions simple. NetSuite implementation requires planning and preparing staff for change. A NetSuite implementation consultant can guide a business in identifying these changes and provide administrative and system support responsively.

    • Post-Go Live Support

Once NetSuite has been implemented, most of its applications and features may not necessarily be used immediately or used correctly. It is important that post-go-live support is available for NetSuite users until they have gained full confidence in NetSuite. NetSuite implementation consultants can provide the support and training needed to ensure NetSuite is fully utilized and business processes are executed without error.

There are many considerations to think about during the implementation process. From understanding your stakeholders and their needs to ensuring that you have a proper roadmap, getting buy-in from all parties involved with moving forward can be challenging. NetSuite implementation consultants from NetSuite partners are experienced in NetSuite implementation and can ensure that the NetSuite software is implemented successfully.

The Benefits of Choosing to Implement NetSuite through a NetSuite Solutions Provider/NetSuite Implementation Consultants like Excelym

    • Proven, refined, and streamlined NetSuite implementation process

NetSuite Solutions Providers like Excelym have a proven, refined, and streamlined NetSuite Implementation process that helps businesses efficiently integrate their existing processes with NetSuite. Businesses can leverage our custom-fit NetSuite and create custom workflows and solutions.

    • Full-spectrum of scalable NetSuite solutions fit even for small businesses

Excelym provides a full spectrum of scalable solutions and flexible payment options so that small businesses can take advantage of premium NetSuite Services that best fit their budgets.

    • Highly-skilled NetSuite implementation consultants

Excelym’s highly skilled NetSuite Implementation Consultant can optimize NetSuite to fit specific requirements to help businesses leverage the full advantage of NetSuite ERP. We bring years of NetSuite experience to the table to help ensure a successful NetSuite implementation. 

    • Great value for business; scalability

NetSuite Solutions Providers like Excelym provide great value for your business by providing scalable solutions that will help you take full advantage of NetSuite.

The Advantages of opting for NetSuite Solutions Providers (NetSuite Implementation Consultants)

NetSuite Solutions Providers like Excelym have a proven, refined, and streamlined NetSuite Implementation process that helps businesses efficiently integrate their existing processes with NetSuite. Excelym’s highly skilled Netsuite Implementation Consultant can optimize NetSuite to fit specific requirements to help businesses leverage the full advantage of NetSuite ERP. Below are key stages in our NetSuite Implementation process.

Excelym’s Key Process for NetSuite Implementation:

  • Business Process Analysis

We help businesses review their existing processes and analyze key areas to help determine and understand the business’s requirements, goals, drivers, and targets. The first step of the implementation process is a detailed study to determine the best way of implementing the NetSuite ERP.

  • Business Process Mapping

We examine the current state of business processes and provide businesses with an overview of the potential changes when migrating to NetSuite. Business Mapping is essential to prevent any unwanted changes to existing processes and to further streamline any redundancy.

  • Functional Specification Preparation and Review

NetSuite is a powerful software that can help businesses automate beyond finance. The ERP software can function across HR, CRM, inventory, supply-chain management, marketing, manufacturing, and e-commerce. We help companies determine the functions that they will implement and the future functions that the business will eventually need as it grows.

  • System Configuration

Our team will configure the Basic Set-Up of NetSuite ERP. Additional functionality and client-specific customization are then integrated into the software in order to provide an optimal user experience. NetSuite is a multi-tenant software with no limits to customization; NetSuite consultants have the tools necessary to make NetSuite functional for any business.

  • Data Migration

It’s one of the crucial processes in a NetSuite Implementation. A mistake in this stage of the process could cost the business errors like erroneous data, loss of data, and double data entry. All these can disrupt the roll-out process. We help prevent errors, minimize downtime, and accelerate the successful completion of the migration.

  • Custom Coding and Scripting

Excelym has a team of adept developers that specialize in tailoring NetSuite’s functionality to the business’ requirements. Suitelets, Scheduled Scripts, Client Scripts, Portlet Scripts, and workflow action scripts are some of the technologies we provide.

  • System Integration

Excelym offers a custom seamless integration to third-party providers such as Shopify, Magento, SalesForce, and Concur. We help integrate third-party apps like Avalara (for Sales Tax Calculation & Compliance) and Cybersource (a credit card processor).

  • Training and Support

We can help train new or existing staff to operate and maintain NetSuite with our highly detailed process that ensures a fast and seamless transition and integration into the NetSuite ERP environment. From the initial consultative sessions or pre-implementation planning to the actual implementation and post-implementation, we are prepared to help you every step of the way.


Final words

To answer the question-absolutely YES. NetSuite Implementation consultants are experts who understand NetSuite’s powerful features and how they can help your business grow. They will ensure that NetSuite is tailored to your business’s needs and help you discover all of NetSuite’s powerful features. They have years of experience successfully implementing NetSuite and identifying automation opportunities for companies in various industries. They can save you time, money, and headaches. And since NetSuite implementation is an investment in the future of your company, you’ll want to make sure it goes smoothly.

For our part

We help our clients extract the most value from their NetSuite investment by providing expert insights and cost-saving solutions. Our collaborative approach – from pre-planning to post-implementation – creates stronger relationships and allows us to provide better support.

At Excelym, we pride ourselves on our unique business model that provides businesses with premium, reliable service at an affordable price. With NetSuite’s Service Continuum, businesses can be assured that they will receive the support they need throughout the implementation process and beyond.

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Serge is a Managing Partner and the head of sales and business development.

Published on: July 19, 2018